Bike Repair Classes

Maintenance and Repair Workshops

We are looking forward to hosting workshops for those who are interested in learning how to fix and maintain their bicycle. Each workshop will be lead by mechanics whose goal is to create an inclusive learning environment for a community of learners with varying skill levels. We are not only providing a technical service, we are also co-creating meaning so please let us know what your specific interests are when it comes to working on your bike so that we can create a personalized learning experience.

(Past Events – they were AWESOME!)

Coming: Paid intermediate level multi-class topics, including wheel building. These will also cater to a small group of students who want to not only learn the skills, but also walk away with the practical benefit of a new hand built wheel, installed bottom bracket or full tune up.

Flat Repair Workshop

This workshop will cover how to replace an inner tube and install a tire boot. How to remove and reinstall your wheel. We will also provide a brief introduction on rim types, tubes, tires, valves and tire/rim sizing/terminology. For this exercise you will be working on your own bike in order to better place yourself in the context of a roadside breakdown. Start time: 6pm

Class Duration 1 hour
Flat Repair workshop has a 8 student maximum.

Beginner Maintenance Workshop

Learn some quick on the road repairs. How to adjust brakes and brake pad replacement. Derailleur adjustments & shifting. As well as cleaning and lubing the bicycles drivetrain. We will provide tools just bring your own bike. Start time: 6pm

Class Duration 1-1.5 hours
Basic Maintenance Workshop has a 6 student maximum.

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